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Up & UP goes to radio


     Hi Friends

    I wanted to let you know that Up & Up goes to radio on June 10 with the help of Cliff and Jason Gorov at "Gorov Music Marketing" in Las Vegas, NV. I am so excited to have the support of dedicated professionals and of so many good friends. Thank you all for joining this group and helping support this effort. It is a comfort to know that I am not alone in this journey.

     A Sincere and heartfelt thanks to all, Tim  

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Industry Veteran Ricky Schultz says...

"The measure of a musician is their body of work.  It's what seperates the men from the boys.​

Credentials --- the company you keep. It takes time, opportunity, and in the end-real talent do such a thing. You have to put in many thousands of hours--you can't fake the funk.

What makes a body of work? Twenty years with both The Temptations and The Four Tops. Like a rock.

Having worked with a list of artists so deep, (Google it) from so many genres, that suddenly it hits you--TIM GORDON is one of those players--one of the clutch, go to saxophonists in contemporary music.

Dedicated to his art, Tim is a connoisseur-level musician. His dedication is apparent when you hear his sound. And suddenly it hits you again--you've probably heard him before, maybe even seen him along your musical journey.

SOULFUL, hip-smart, and technically brilliant. What else could you ask of a saxophone player?

Encyclopedic range, comfort with any kind of music, and besides all that? He's a real nice guy.

You're in for a real treat here. Tim Gordon has finally made a record of his own.

Ricky Schultz


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