The Detroit Memphis Experience is currently number three (3) on the Roots Radio Airplay chart. The band is on DIMEX records and features Kathy Kosins and Darryl Johnson vocals, Tim Smith Bass, Roddy Smith guitar, Steve Willetts keyboards, Tommy Wells drums, Doug Moffit and Tim Gordon Saxes and winds. The band features early R&B blusey and funky grooves written by the icons of the music industry.  

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Comment by Tim Gordon on April 2, 2013 at 9:16am

Thanks to all those who listen to and appreciate good music featuring real horns, and real soul.



Industry Veteran Ricky Schultz says...

"The measure of a musician is their body of work.  It's what seperates the men from the boys.​

Credentials --- the company you keep. It takes time, opportunity, and in the end-real talent do such a thing. You have to put in many thousands of hours--you can't fake the funk.

What makes a body of work? Twenty years with both The Temptations and The Four Tops. Like a rock.

Having worked with a list of artists so deep, (Google it) from so many genres, that suddenly it hits you--TIM GORDON is one of those players--one of the clutch, go to saxophonists in contemporary music.

Dedicated to his art, Tim is a connoisseur-level musician. His dedication is apparent when you hear his sound. And suddenly it hits you again--you've probably heard him before, maybe even seen him along your musical journey.

SOULFUL, hip-smart, and technically brilliant. What else could you ask of a saxophone player?

Encyclopedic range, comfort with any kind of music, and besides all that? He's a real nice guy.

You're in for a real treat here. Tim Gordon has finally made a record of his own.

Ricky Schultz


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